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Long time no update. [21 Nov 2008|06:12pm]
So I think I haven't updated in about a year. I always say I have nothing to write about, and not too many people use LJ anymore. Just so everyone knows, I don't update, but I always check my friends page to see how everyone else is doing.

Anyway, so I never update b/c my life is boring, but I guess recently I have a lot to write about.

Well to start off, I guess the big news is that I moved.....to Florida. Kinda a big deal ha. I moved to Tampa Florida with Marty. We had to move b/c Marty's sons mom's mom was moving, therefore Marty's son's mom had to move, there for Marty's son had to move, therefore Marty had to move, therefor I wanted to move lol.....Do you follow that? lol After 2 and a half years with Marty there is no place else I would rather be. It's a big move, and a big change, but I'm happy here. I think eventually in the long run it will be way easier for me to find a teaching job. As of now I just took a lame job at the children's place, oh the wonderful world of retail. I hate being a new person, I just want to scream back at all the people how ridiculously overqualified I am for this job lol Oh and the pay sucks, a lot....but it pays the bills....almost lol

We have a really cute apartment, and I love it. Its 2 bedroom 2 bathroom and its right on a little pond with a fountain in it, and theres always really cool and wacky wildlife. (I'm still adjusting to the weird Florida wildlife) 

So that's my big update...maybe I'll try to update more often, or maybe in another year. ;)
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[06 Dec 2007|09:19pm]

this was so much fun! i made us into silly dancing elves!!

check itttt
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[29 Nov 2007|10:27pm]
I got observed today! i did awesome! lol all she said i could work on was talking slower, but she knew i was just nervous so i talked faster. yay!
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[27 Nov 2007|05:33pm]
This is the wedding topper i made for Rumor's wedding!! I stressed myself out like crazy for that thing, then I hated it. But it looks so pretty on the cake!!
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[20 Nov 2007|08:35pm]
Never ever ever ever... let me become one of those teachers who wears holiday themed clothes. NEVER.
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[15 Nov 2007|02:51pm]
Student teaching is going really well. I've been teaching at least one class a day now, and using my own lessons. Each lesson I do is def a learning experience, you make your mistakes and then learn from them. So I've been doing better every time I teach. Today she said I did really well. So thats fun lol.

Tomorrow is my first observation by my supervisor from Southern. I'm a tad nervous but it should be ok. Its just hard bc it is my first time teaching the lesson, and things always go wrong the first time. Like how much time it will take  them, and how much to explain to them bc they might not get to it. Plus its kindergarten and they have the attention span of goldfish. Should be interesting. Think happy thoughts.
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[06 Nov 2007|04:49pm]
I started student teaching last week. slowly realizing how southern doesnt prepare you for shit. lucky for me im just awesome. lol havent taught anything yet really. just observing, but ill start doing kindergarten on friday. should be interesting. for now im just working on my lesson plans. and talking in incomplete sentences apparently.

i miss marty. its hard to go from seeing each other every day to only on the weekends. but we're pros by now lol plus 3 day weekend this weekend!

im getting a cold. what a shocker since im surrounded by gross booger filled children all day. trying my best to get rid of it FAST.

sometimes my period key doesnt work so well and its annoying. have to hit it hard just in the right spot.

uhhh yea thats my life. student teach all day. go to souther for class and seminar and rachel lol. done a lot of driving lately. poor car. hang in there.

ughhhh sick
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[11 Oct 2007|12:23pm]
me and marty got back together :)

i got a new laptop its amaaaazing.

i start student teaching soon. iiim excited. yet scared shitless all at the same time lol

im going up to foxwoods this weekend with miss kir. gonna play the slots!

i dont really have anything to say im just real bored.
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[02 Oct 2007|11:38pm]

 so i havent updated in FOREVER. but im bored. so lets do this.

my last entry was "we broke up. the end." so i shall update you on that. we did break up. we tried not talking. we tried just being friends. we tried being together but seeing other people. we tried a lot of different things. we made each other really mad. currently, we're together. but not titled together. no bf gf what not. but together, commited to one another and not seeing other people. but no title bc of the stress and added pressure for him? i dont know. its complicated. but i dont care i just want him in my life bc i love him. so thats that.

in other news, camp has clearly ended since summer is long gone. i think it was a realyl good experience for me. i learned a lot. and i was really  good at it. which made me happy. its nice to know all that you have worked for for the past 4+ years might work out after all.

working back at the candy store. interesting as always. and by interesting i mean boring.

sister has abandonded me for school. and has left me with my crazy parents. i dont know how she survived the past 4 years while i was away. i miss her. but im going to see her friday! woo!

i start student teaching october 29th. im really excited. im going to meet my cooperating teacher on friday. she sounds nice so far. we shall see. im starting with K-4. my faves. im very excited to go back to ct. i love it here but i love it there too lol and i havent been there in a long time. i miss my lovies.

i bought a gps thingy for my car. its awesome. i got it today and i love it already. hopefully it will help me navigate my way all over ct.

i had surgery last week. had to have some good ol' precancerous cells removed from my cervix. funnnn! NOT. no sex for a month!! jeeeeeeeeeze. one week down! 3 more to go! lol pfsh whos counting i barely think of it at all! LIES! lol

err i think thats it. maybe ill start updating this more often. i like rambling.

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[21 Jul 2007|11:43am]
we broke up.

the end.
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[10 Jul 2007|10:47pm]
I never update... I'm sorry.

So working at camp has been interesting. Kids are brats. Especially these little rich bitches I have lol Its amazing how they treat people. No manners. none at all. No please, or thank you. Never an excuse me, just a move!!, or squeeze by. Its ridiculous. Especially with the older ones, they are the worst ones! I've become a big fan of the method of I treat you like you treat me. They get bitchy with me, I get bitchy with them. Its fun really. haha. Makes you think though....I guess people never really learn to treat others with respect if they have been treating people like crap their whole lives. Its hard to get people to change. Even people I'm around that are my age don't say thank you when its deserved or apologize when they fuck up. People my age still whine and bitch till they get their way. Sad really. Some people will never learn. They will always be rude spoiled bitches. And they will always be children themselves. No need to be surrounded by that negativity.

In other news I saw lloyd banks again. I saw him in the mall a few weeks ago, and then in the diner the other day. Clearly hes stalking me.
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[25 Jun 2007|07:47pm]
i just walked past lloyd banks in the mall. its fun when rappers live in huntington lol

started camp today. my director was very behind so we were very unprepared but i think it went really well for winging it. kids are crazy. and wont stop yelling, im done im done im done. or help me help me help me over and over and over again. but im sure like everyone else ill just become immune to them and block them out lol

long day though, but it was really fun, and totally what i want to be doing. im really excited.

kinda sad i havent had a chance to go to the beach. i prolly wont get to go till camp is over in august lol im working like 60 hours this week. crazy. there goes what little life i once had.

if i fall off the planet till august 7th ...now you know why lol
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[06 Jun 2007|02:20pm]
So update on my little school issue. I had to pass the praxis 2 exam or get my gpa up. And after months of worrying, I DID BOTH. Praxis 2 is passed and gpa is up. now onto the next step...
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[23 May 2007|01:54pm]
Update on that stupid ticket dealie....

Yea so I really have to pay 300 dollars. Apparently there is a law in NY state if you get 6 or more points on your license in a 6 month period OR have a drug/alcohol violation, you owe them 300 bucks. And amazingly enough my ONE and ONLY ticket was so far above the speed limit it gives me 6 points on my license. You would think that they would teach you about THAT in drivers ed lol apparently NOT.

In other Mel related news....

Summer has been going ok, picking up a lot of house at sweets from hell... oops! i mean sweets from heaven. It always starts out with one or two days on the schedule and next thing you know im working everyday. Whatevs need the dollas.

I am officially living with Marty. I mean I've been living with him for a really long time kinda, and I would always stay here when I was home from school, but I guess now its more official then anything? I dunno weird situation lol My parents are officially out of their denile stage that I am living with them, and now can freely admit that I have "moved out"...They are still coping. Living together is fine, I don't get to see him that much anyway b/c of his new job. Thats ok though, gives us time to miss each other and time apart so we dont kill each other lol

Friday is One Year together! EXCITING lol

Oh and possibly even MORE exciting! ..... WE'RE GETTING CABLE!!! wooooooooo!! lol

Still waiting on grades and praxis test results. So still waiting to see when I get to finish school. ANNOYING. Everyone else is graduating...NO FAIR.
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[15 May 2007|11:19pm]
So I got my first speeding ticket a few weeks ago. I was going 77 in a 50 right before i got onto the throgs neck bridge. not a big deal, not so scary, whatevs. Any way so i paid the ticket as soon as i got it, it was 140 dollars!! mailed it in the next day. apparently my mother says i got something in the mail saying i now owe 300 dollars in like surcharges or something. oh and it added 6 points to my license. which someone told me today you can only have 6. so if i get another ticket and go over i loose my license. so now adding to the 440 dollars i will be giving to the government i now have to spend like 45 dollars to take a defensive driving class to remove 2 of the points from my license. oh and my insurance is going up as well, so i guess that will help to bring it back down. but seriously, not that bad of an offense, and a first offense at that, cut me some slack. fuckers. first i was fine with it, i was like its ok i was speeding its my fault, heres your 140, and i felt like it was my karma for all those times i sped and didnt get caught, but now 300 dollars more! how do you people sleep at night!!! PLUS everyone else was doing the same speed! NO ONE does 50! RAWR!

Anyway, in good news today was my last day of finals, tomorrow morning im attempting to sell some books back, and then grabbing lunch and then peacing out. Very happy to be out of here for summer, and never have to live on campus again. Yet very sad to be leaving my loving roomie and my rachel too, and still kinda sad to never live on campus again lol

Still up in the air on whether or not im coming back next semester, still waiting on praxis 2 scores and final grades. keep your fingers crossed.

Excited for summer with my love, all summer no more leaving. well there will be visits to ct, but at least ill be able to see him much more then i have this school year. AND kirsten muller will be home ALL summer and that is music to my ears. yay!
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[16 Apr 2007|06:47pm]
I got the job at West Hills Day Camp! I am the new arts and crafts person! I am very excited. But in order to take the job I had to say no to the cruise with my family. Its ok though, this is a good opportunity for me, so I had to take it.
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[02 Apr 2007|01:36pm]
Rant #1
I'm so sick of living at school is ridic! Obviously i love me my andrea and her and i are fine, its just the dumb bitch on the other side i can no longer handle her craziness. I swear all psych majors are nuts and make bad roommates. She eats our cheese! i swear she drinks our honey mustard AND left meat defrosting on the kitchen counter for a day and a half! THEN throws it out in the garbage so it can ROT some more and stink up the whole fucking room. Then she makes a big deal about it when i politely as her to throw her rotting meat outside, and accuses me of ridiculous accusations and tries to start a fight, but has no argument bc she an IDIOT! ok end rant

Rant #2!
Someone bent my car antenna while i was at work at like a 90 degree angle lol i have no idea how they did it or why the did it but i have concluded that who ever did it is an asshole, and all the other assholes in the parking lot that must have saw them but didnt do anything are also assholes. THUS society is an asshole. but my loving boyfriend fixed it and it works just fine. so fuck whoever thought they were being cool by breaking my antenna. thanks boyfriend!

Rant #3
as seniors we have to register for classes tomorrow morning at 6. too bad im not registering for ANYTHING.

In other interesting melissa cohen news, my dad has turned my room into his own personal office. It used to be just a joke, but I guess now its true lol Which is fine with me since i live at martys. But i guess it just hurts a little. Ok so im exagerating, and hes just using my desk for his laptop and work stuff. So its not like he threw all my stuff out and bought new furniture or anything...but still lol.

My parents booked a lil family vacation for this summer. 9 day cruise. we go to puerto rico, st. thomas, bermuda, and some other places that i cant remember. i was just checking out the boat online it looks cool. ive never been on a cruise, should be interesting. i'm half excited to get away somewhere nice, but then half scared its gonna suck bc my parents are gonna be annoying. maybe i can just escape and do arts and crafts all week lol arts and crafts and daquiris...im all set lol
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[28 Mar 2007|01:57pm]
I hate this stupid school sometimes. I wish I could get a straight answer out of someone that works here, and that it would correspond to someone elses answer too haha. Here is my latest predicament....

So I need a 2.7 to be in the EDU program and to student teach but I have a 2.63, so i need a waiver yadda yadda. Whatevs.... so as soon as I pass the Praxis 2 exam in april, and/or get my gpa up to a 2.7 by the end of this semester my waiver will go through. I already finished the pounds of paperwork and whatnot, all i need is the waiver. So my advisor tells me that the waiver will have no problem going through over the summer since the deans are here and i should be able to student teach in the fall, but i will have to wait till the second half since the paper work will take some time to go through. So thats fine, i will take my last 2 classes the first 8 weeks, and student teach the second 8 weeks. BUT NO some stupid bitch who is the department head of I dont even know what but i need her permission to get into one of those classes REFUSES to give me permission to take the class, AND she says that there is no way that I will be student teaching in the Fall at all, and I should not have even been taking the classes that I am already in. So one guys tells me its fine and it will all work out, one dumb bitch tells me it wont. Cant the staff here work together and all tell me the same thing! I dont even care at this point if I have to take the semester off and wait till spring JUST GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!
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[26 Mar 2007|11:26am]
Spring break didn't turn out to be so bad. After the snow melted and the stomach virus went away it was quite fun. It was definitely nice to get away from all the school work. Ok well at least get away from the classes b/c I still had school work. i had a take home test to do, and I started studying for the praxis 2 exam. Fun fun. But it was nice to be able to spend so much time with Marty. Oh! And I got to work a bunch, and make lots of dollas which was exciting. I need to find something new for the summer, preferably art or teaching related. Gotta get on that soon.

I'm also looking for a new dresser for Marty's house so i can stop living out of a bag. Anyone know anywhere that has good cheap furniture?? I'm on a hunt lol

I can't wait for school to be overrrrrrrrrrr. Only 7 more weeks till summer!
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[18 Mar 2007|10:52pm]
Ok so this is how my "spring" break starts....

First....its snows. and not even just normal snow ice and hail and crap, and my car is still frozen in the street. awesome. luckily we got martys car out otherwise we would be stuck here lol. my car sucks in snow and its so weak i bet it still cant get out. maybe ill try tomorrow.

Oh and then to add to the amazingness of spring break, i have a stomach virus. which i got from marty who got it from travis who got it from cait. and we had travis while he was sick and cranky and puking everywhere. fun.

but despite all that crap ive had a fun break so far lol tomorrow i get to go to the lady doctor! nothing gets better then that! lol SPRING BREAK WOOO HOOOOO!!
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